Jesse Tam Seattle/Bellevue has over 30 years of increasingly responsible experience  and accomplishments as an entrepreneur and financial industry. Sharing professional experiences in the startup, strategies and news in the current market. Tam is the Managing Director of Mega Pacific Investments formed in 1991, which provides a full range of financial and business consulting services.

The region’s real estates market has created a rise in commercial property development with high rises, hotel and new office towers in Bellevue.  Several commercial  properties; such as  Seattle’s  tallest Columbia Tower sold recently to outside group.

The growth and job opportunities in technology, health care and education creates an environment for livability in our region. Housing market and low-interest rates continues to make buying homes more competitive due to fewer listings and multiple offers. Commercial real estate brings higher price tags for office buildings, land  and future development projects.

Newcomers and attractive job market makes the northwest area prime for startups with business opportunities.  The quality of life, housing, education with neighboring cities filled with rich culture and the outdoors are some of the positive reasons for relocating to the Emerald City.More on Jesse http://convention.amchina.org/content/jesse-tam



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