Set Another Goal

You are never too old to find your dream.  Jesse Tam discussed the challenges and goals in each path travel. There will be curves and turns in the road we lead before reaching that goal.  Don’t let challenges in life become a stumbling blocks. There are few straight roads in life, but let the bumps and curves become our learning curves.  Seattle Skylines to the towers of New York skyscrapers….the goal is ahead.

Reach out to others, friends or family and get the answers and support in realizing your dream. Never allow obstacles to be in the way of reaching higher, be persistent and try again and again.  You are never too old to start another goal in life, unless you select to give up.  A positive attitude and being involved is part of the formula.



 –  C. S. LEWIS

The greatest success in life is not giving up and continue to find all the avenues to your dream and solution.  It is hard work and labor with many hours, months and some years before our goals can be reached.   Keep trying even when others say it won’t work or have negative comments  Stay involved in various organizations and contribute by being on a committee to increase visibility.


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Greetings from Jesse Tam Explore, discover new places, ideas and trends from Washington state. Set goals, mentor and volunteer!
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One Response to Set Another Goal

  1. Jesse Tam says:

    Thank you motivation42b for the like, goals and gratitude are things we should remember.


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