Characteristics of Successful People

We all dream of becoming successful in various fields in our lifetime.  How do you become successful?  Here are some characteristics Jesse Tam came across during his business career.  You follow the leads of others who already have made it.  Successful people share common traits and they are not hard to model and duplicate.  There is no need to “reinvent” the wheel, observe and learn from others.

The traits and characteristics of highly successful people:

  1. Goal Oriented – Successful people don’t wait for life to happen to them. They have a plan for how they want out of life. They set goals for how to make that plan a reality.
  2. Persistent – People who are successful fail, fail and fail again before they succeed. T hey keep plugging along, and that persistence helps them find success eventually.
  3. Inquisitive – They continue learning, it doesn’t end with their formal education. They don’t possess all the secrets to the universe and strive to become lifelong learners.
  4. Self Aware – They know their abilities and their limitations.  They focus on where they excel and surround themselves with people or resources to fill in the gaps.
  5. Risk Takers –  Successes have come from taking risks, “No guts, no glory”.  They take the time to learn from their own mistakes.
  6. Quick Thinking and Decisive –  They make your decisions promptly and move forward without looking back.
  7. Good Communicators – They are also good communicators with articulating ideas and plans.
  8. Enthusiastic –  People create success because they’re passionate. They love what they’re doing, and we naturally gravitate toward those who radiate excitement and self-confidence.  They tend to become a team of people working toward the goal.
  9. Self Disciplined – They keep themselves focused and on task.  Successful people realize that at they are responsible for their accomplishments or failures.
  10. Hard Working – The most important characteristic of successful people is that they work hard. The are willing to put in the hours and make some sacrifices.

Success and  achievement does not happen over night or on the first time, never give up. It may take years to reach your  accomplishment.





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