Jesse Tam – States with Fastest Job Growth

Here are the 10 states seeing the fastest job growth in 2015.  Jesse Tam lists of the current growth and gains during the year. Recent graduates had a better job market for employment and recruiting this year.  The greater Seattle region and northwest surge in cranes and new building can be seen across the cities skylines.  Traffic can be a nightmare during the day with road closures or reduced lines in some of the city streets during construction.  Plan for delays during your travel if you are in the construction areas such as South Lake Union or downtown and Bellevue area.

These 10 states to see the fastest employment gains this year:

Utah 3.8%  –  Washington 3.5%  –  Idaho 3.4%  –  Nevada 3.2%, –  Florida 3.2%     Oregon 3.2%  –  Arizona 3%  –  Georgia 2.9%, –  California 2.8%  –  South Carolina 2.7%

Construction in Seattle region

Washington Skylines of Downtown region and traffic


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