Seattle’s Gum Wall

The cleanup and removal of the Seattle’s iconic gum wall will be steamed after 20 years imagesnear the market.  The trend started years ago by audience members waiting in line for the late night show near the market.  Jesse Tam when they are in the area they ask about this site.  There are over millions of pieces of gum estimated on the walls.

The sugar and weigh on the wall was a caused of concern to the brick walls.  Once the wall is cleaned, the gum will be weighed to determine just how much was stuck to the walls. The Market has steam washed some of the walls, but this will be its first full cleaning. Workers wearing rain gear will shoot out water heated to 260 degrees to get the gum down.

It’s a  disgusting tourist attraction, but visitors have flocked to take photos and place
their chewing gum on this historical brick wall which started as a small section. The wall looks like it’s plastered with festive, rainbow-colored confetti.  Up close, Seattle’s “gum wall” isn’t as pretty.  


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