University Light Rail Opens

The official University link light rail to downtown Seattle opened on March 19th, six months early and $200 million under budget.  The 3.1 miles of track links Capitol Hill, U of Washington to Westlake downtown Seattle to Sea-Tac airport.  Sound transit estimates the ride from Husky Stadium to downtown in eight minutes.

The additional mode of transportation wiimagesll reduce traffic in the Montlake area with another option to navigate the city without the stress of waiting in traffic backups.  It will be easier for football season and events at the university.  Visitors will be able to hop on the light rail directly from Seattle to visit the campus.


The station entrance is located adjacent to Husky Stadium, Montlake Boulevard between NE Pacific Street and NE Pacific Place.  A pedestrian bridge connects the station with Rainier Vista on the UW campus.  Access to the bridge is north of the Burke-Gilman Trail and Triangle Plaza.





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