Business Partnerships and Best Practices

Washington businesses continues to expand and grow the past several years, our region is taking the lead in the real estate and technology market.  The Northwest region offers a diverse culture, trade, education, energy and agricultural/economic opportunities.  Here’s an upcoming event that might be of interest.

Join us for a panel of three Business Broker/ M&A transaction experts will their share best practice and checklist recommendations for pre-qualifying individual and…

Jesse Tam, Managing Director, Mega Pacific Investments

Leif Johnson, Managing Director, Exvere

Bill Pearsall, Founder, Transition360

Looking for ways to build value for your clients, share knowledge and best practices?

“Changes in business ownership should be the result of an effectively planned, expertly executed and well timed transaction. BTA members address both the personal needs of individuals and the companies they own or seek to own. Working together, members can increase their professional success.”

Thanks for Visiting – Jesse

About Jessetam

Greetings from Jesse Tam Explore, discover new places, ideas and trends from Washington state. Set goals, mentor and volunteer!
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