International Convention Seoul

Rotary International Convention Seoul – Jesse Tam, a place to experience fellowship with DG’s, speakers, club presidents and leaders worldwide. Rotarians are gathering together this years for the annual international convention. District leaders departing  in Bellevue/Seattle and the surrounding region depart from Seattle – Tacoma International airport on an 8-9 hour fight to Seoul.

Presidents, Speakers, Leadership at International Convention

Prepare to be entertained, inspired, and energized by the lineup of activities at the Seoul Convention from May 28 – June 1st.  The sessions will be inspiring and educational with plenty of  time to visit the House of Friendship.

Seoul, Korea

Connect with Rotary

Learn about global projects and movements on water. See historical sites in Korea and what is happening live.  More information for convention and schedules. Departing from Seattle International to Seoul.

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