A Day At Alki

A Day at Alki, Jesse Tam. One of the favorite places to visit for locals and tourists in Seattle is along Alki Avenue in West Seattle.  The fantastic view of the city with the water, ferry crossings, bike trials, restaurants and sandy Alki Beach makes it a year round fun places to relax for all ages and families.  Weekends and warm weather will bring plenty of traffic to this area, but it’s worth the wait for parking spaces.

Spend a day with a packed lunch or roast marshmallows or s’mores on the beach. Take a leisure stroll along the beach or rent a bike for a few hours to enjoy the outdoors and scenic view of the city.  Casual or fine dining with plenty of selection of restaurants to round out the day.

The Water Taxi is another great way to reach downtown Seattle during the weekdays without worrying about traffic jams or driving.  Just an easy 10 minute crossing from West Seattle and reaching your destination in a relax commute.

thumbnail_mmexport1487381867472A place to soak up the view of beautiful Seattle – rain or shine from the piers of Alki. One of  the must see places – thanks for reading  Jesse


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