Microsoft Future Expansion

Microsoft expansion, Jesse Tam. We’ve seen the construction cranes, new completed commercial office towers, apartment and tech companies entering our region.  The three Amazon spheres are completed and ready in downtown Seattle, now Microsoft will expand in Redmond with updates to its campus.  That’s exciting news for the region to create jobs and maintain future employment with light rail connecting the east side.

Here’s the blog on “Investing to grow right here at home” on Microsoft’s website by Brad Smith – President

“Next fall, we will break ground on a multi-year campus refresh project that will include 18 new buildings, 6.7 million square feet of renovated workspace, $150 million in transportation infrastructure improvements, public spaces, sports fields and green space. Today Microsoft has 125 buildings in the Puget Sound region. When this project is complete, our main campus will be comprised of 131 buildings — including the equivalent of 180 football fields of new and renovated space — of modern workspace for the 47,000 employees who work here every day, plus room to expand operations and add up to 8,000 more people.

Our new buildings will focus on inclusive design and accessible technology to empower all of our employees…”

The Link Light Rail will reach Overlake, Redmond about 2023 connecting Seattle and Bellevue’s eastside area.


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