Western Washington Surprised Snow

Western Washington Snow, Jesse Tam. The region received a surprised on Christmas eve in Western Washington, the Emerald city region with snowflakes and measurable snow.  The last time this occurred was nine years ago and the other White Christmas recorded in the city was in 1926 with 2.5 inches.  This marks the third White Christmas in Seattle in the last 100 years. Many residents were caught off guard and created traffic havoc with slick road conditions.  There were  fender benders and roads closures for some of those living in hilly areas.  Sand Point in Seattle reported 2.2 inches of snow, while greater Bellevue received up to 2.5-3 inches plus.

Icy slopes made some drivers abandon their vehicles along the road which created roadblocks and snowplows unable to clear the streets and artillery’s.  Our area had many residence unable to drive up the slick hill and many had to walk up to their homes and leave their vehicles parked along the road.  It was quite an exercise when you return from vacation and learn that getting home wasn’t that easy with hiking up a hill with your luggage.  It’s a wonderful sound to hear and see the snowplows or sand trucks in the area.

The slick roads and cold weather is a wonderful time to spend time with neighbors and relaxing at home. Time to watch a favorite movies, board games, bake cookies or catch up on some reading.  It will definitely be a holiday to remember.  Slow down for road conditions, stay alert and check vehicles for winter driving – Jesse https://jessetam.com/


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