Ready for Opening Day?

Opening day is here with warmers weather as we spend more time outdoor, Jesse.Tam. It’s a little league and baseball we think about when March and April approaches.  We look forward to the opening ceremonies on Thursday, 6:30 pm as the Mariners’ opening day. Seattle’s Felix Hernandez will throw out the first pitch of the regular season against Cleveland at Safeco Field.  The gates will open at 4:40 p.m. and all fans will receive a 2018 magnetic schedule.  Come early and join the fun with your family, friends or co-workers.

Re-entry with the same ticket will no longer be allowed, so fans can’t scan out and return later.  All time to pass through bag check and metal detectors at all gates and oversized bags won’t be allowed.  Fans are allowed bring one clear sealed bag, clear plastic water bottle of 32 ounces or less per fan.

Ichiro returns to Seattle, but his status and late signing may leave him out of the opener.  Injuries are a concern for this seasons lineup.  Baseball returns and another great season ahead, see you at the stadium.  Stay connected Jesse









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