Jesse Tam bridging business

Jesse Tam has over 30 years of professional business specializing in financial services and global relations in the greater Pacific Northwest region. He was a founder, organize and executive of three independent financial institutions. For two of those banks, he served as Chairman and director, managing a total asset portfolio of over $300 million and one of the few Asian American immigrants to achieve such an accomplishment professionally in the United States.

Tam is the Founder of Mega Pacific Investments, a financial development firm which provides a full range of international and joint venture consulting services.  Started in 1991, connecting business serving the Pacific Rim and the northwest area.

He has been an active mentor for Albers School of Business for over 24  years and board member & past chair for the Albers School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board.  Jesse is also active with the BSU Alumni Association,  guest lecturer and speaker for COBE business department.

  • Greater Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce,  Board Directors
  • United Way loan executive representative
  • Kin On – past Board Directors Seattle
  • Foundation Advisory Board
  • Speaker and panelist
  • Mentor and Volunteer
  • Rotary International Past District Governor

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